Migrate and Integrate between SalesForce, Marketo, SiteCore, Hubspot, Pardot, Eloqua and other CRMs and Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing Systems Migration & Integration

Are you evaluating multiple tools not sure which one would provide you with the added value you ar looking for? Are you stuck with your migration project, are you duplicating data or content with your integration project? Do you need to move your data between SalesForce CRM data and Hubspot or migrate between Pardot to Eloqua or update from old enterprise CMS Systems to new versions?.

As a system and provide agnostic provider, Apeak provides a full range of services to integrate between your marketing and sales automation systems or seamlessly migrate between systems with a sure step roadmap to guide you through the migration process.

Here is a brief outline of the marketing automation migration and integration process:

  1. Set expectations for migration and integration: set goals, a realistic timeline, system requirements, and migration  plan
  2. Asses your marketing plans, assets, processes, ongoing campaigns, critical KPIs
  3. Clean up your current content, contacts database, and use this process to streamline your marketing planning and assets and optimize your structure
  4. Identify a proper migration or integration tools and licensing-type suited to your needs to help save time and money on export and import of data
  5.  Manually check your data moved into the new system
  6. Backup old system data and launch for the new system
  7. Evaluate new system impact and goals for migration,  metrics (deadline, impact)

Apeak can support and guide you through a myriad of marketing and sales tools, to identify the most suited marketing system backbone for your business, the easiest, seamless ways to avoid time, money and data loss, to quickly and easily integrate and migrate data. Our tool-agnostic approach ensures that you will get objective advice into selecting your technology mix and cost-effective means to migrating or integrating your systems. and avoid the majority of migration and integration errors other companies face.