Marketing Department as a Service

If you got to this part of our service portfolio you are already tired of training your 3rd marketing support person this year and knowing they will be out in the next 6 months. If you have trouble recruiting, training, retaining key personnel and marketing knowledge base, or if you just cannot identify those candidates that know all marketing channel mix required for your business, we got a whole department to fix this for you right away.

We’re your new marketing support division. No need to worry on recruiting, ramping up seasonally for a major event, or a particular division, stress over getting things right on time.

Major benefits our customers reported over time:

  • Quick team ramp up (1 month from project sign off)
  • High ROI realized even in 3-4 months after project ramp up
  • Increased talent retention
  • Highly skilled consultants and teams
  • Great infrastructure, our team is a seamless extension of yours
  • Save time, knowledge and money
  • High business growth, marketing became an enabler for companies accelerated growth

Apeak Department as a Service Solutions

  1. Inbound marketing skilled digital experts to execute your campaigns
  2. Marketing automation specialists ready to pick up on your every task
  3. versed lead and demand generation professionals to fill your sales pipeline with quality leads
  4. Skilled developers to help you upgrade and maintain your website and digital assets
  5. Social media experts to make sure every one of your prospects hears about you and your company
  6. Search (SEO and PPC ) Engine gurus to increase your online traffic, conversion rates, and customer inquiries
  7. Passionate marketing product and project managers to provide you with clear reporting, roadmaps to achieving your go to market goals and strategies to realize your full marketing potential