Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a comprehensive set of solutions that enable our marketing automation experts to drive outstanding results both for B2B and B2C businesses. Using it, we can help your business overcome the challenges related to:

Planning and Strategy

We can solve any planning and strategy challenges by ensuring a perfect alignment between marketing automation and your business objectives. To achieve this we:

  • Create a marketing automation process that’s based on the best-practices around your goals
  • Gather all available data to create a single customer view
  • Map journeys and interactions that take place during the customer lifecycle
  • Take an omnichannel approach to cover all fronts and maximize engagement
  • Develop a framework for performance measurement
Marketing Automation Implementation

Apeak can provide training for self-sufficient teams or ongoing assistance whenever needed. We accomplish this by:

  • Determining your standards and end goals
  • Creating a plan with milestones
  • Setting up and configuring Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Configuring, integrating and automating data sources, rules and outputs
  • Developing and integrating emails, landing pages and other types of assets
  • Building initial campaigns and customer journey
  • Testing and reviewing the system
  • On-boarding your team
Marketing Cloud Training

Need to build a self-sustaining team? We can provide the knowledge and skills needed for using Salesforce Marketing Cloud confidently. The training sessions can go as in-depth or be as broad as needed while ensuring:

  • Customized training for both existing and new users of Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Outcome related platform overview
  • Remote training
  • Tailored playbooks that can be used for reference after the sessions end
Customer Journeys

Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud we cover all aspects of the customer journeys, including but not resuming to:

  • Lead acquisition
  • Lead nurturing
  • Engaging existing customers
  • Customer retention
  • Reactivation of the old customers

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