Pardot Marketing Automation Services

From segmentation and content optimization to promotion and monitoring, Apeak Solutions enables your business to leverage Pardot, Salesforce’s marketing automation tool, to boost revenue, sync up with your customer’s buying cycle and keep leads engaged.  

We take a comprehensive approach to marketing automation, as we rely on Pardot to provide you the following services:

Salesforce Integration

Take advantage of the Salesforce Connector to sync Pardot emails sent to prospects to sync as Salesforce activities. Additionally, sync Pardot prospects, contacts, leads and opportunities with the Salesforce CRM.

Tracking Campaigns, Visitors and Prospects

View the big picture within any campaign by differentiating casual visitors from prospects. Track all aspects to be aware of what works and what should be adjusted.  

List Management

Segment your prospects onto several different lists based on the business needs. Create test lists and archive, split or delete them accordingly.

Personalization and Email Marketing

Customizing the experience of each lead plays a great role in building loyalty. Personalize email templates with advanced dynamic data in order to leave a lasting impression.

Forms and Landing Pages

Collect information from anyone visiting of your website or landing page using intuitive forms that turn visitors into prospects.  

Social Marketing

Master Pardot’s social connectors to post to your own social profiles, and to extract and add public social data to your prospects’ records. Using automation rules and completion actions, we can customize the lead qualification process to better match your company’s needs.

Lead Qualification & Nurturing

Score and grade leads to qualify them for your Sales team. Create drip program strategies, follow the best practices and learn to create drip program reports.

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