Marketing often grows organically within an organization, often starting out as part of the customer service or sales team and eventually growing to several people that have some level of knowledge. Once your business grows to the point of needing a marketing strategist, it’s not surprising to find that the individuals within your team may not have all of the skills needed to take on some of the more technical marketing tasks. Plus, your marketing technology stack may have grown organically over the years, leaving you with a bit of a mess in terms of marketing operations. Your prospects and customers have high expectations of your brand. If you want to compete on a larger scale, it’s vital that you start building agility, talent and a collaborative approach to marketing that will allow you to take advantage of the range of digital marketing opportunities in the future.

Data and Platform Consolidation

If you’re still struggling to create a cohesive customer journey, defining advanced marketing automation may be too large of a step. You can always start small, with a series of onboarding emails that encourage new prospects to deepen their relationship with your brand. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that even the largest enterprises often struggle with creating marketing experiences that “WOW!” their customers. Marketing teams are often spread across vertical business units, causing the overall customer experience to become disjointed and confusing for prospects and customers alike. Pulling together these teams on the same platform allows you to present a more unified approach to customer engagements. Creating a “single source of truth” for your customer data is a great starting point, with marketing platform consolidation also offering serious benefits. 

Voice-Based Search

Did you know that there is a special set of rules that will help you optimize your website for voice-based search? From using long-tail keywords to using more conversational language and keywords, getting your content in order will help ensure that anyone looking for your products and services is able to find you quickly online. Neil Patel has put together a massive list of statistics around voice search, but here are a few to get you thinking:

  • One-fifth of the queries on Google are voice searches
  • All age groups are using digital assistants — not just teens and Millennials
  • People are using voice-based search at home as well as on-the-go

When users perform a voice search, they tend to use longer words and more words — because they’re not having to go to the effort of physically typing in the information (and spelling it!). This type of search is more likely to contain question phrases, which can be worked into your content or headers in a natural way. 

Creating Correlations Between Actions

If you place a Facebook ad or send an email, are these tactics causing your prospects to take an action? Understanding the correlation between specific marketing tactics and the actions that your customers take can help you determine which tactics are working, and which should be revamped or even abandoned. Digital marketers have always been fans of measurements, as it does tend to be a bit easier than tracking sales from a magazine ad to an in-store sale. Creating actionable insights is more challenging than some organizations expect, especially when you are working across a variety of different platforms and data streams. Stitching everything together can certainly be a pain, especially if you don’t have this type of talent within your organization. Unfortunately, this causes some companies to skip the analytics completely which can lead to overspending on platforms that under-deliver — or missing a truly amazing opportunity to raise your brand above the noise. 

What organizations are finding is that they can leverage the marketing strategy strengths of internal teams while outsourcing some of the purely technical tasks that may cause staff to balk. With all the technological advances coming your way in marketing, the one thing that is clear is that you’ll need a consolidated structure of data and marketing automation platforms that allow you to take advantage of exciting new functionality. Whether you are looking at a particular marketing automation platform or simply need a way to set up ongoing messaging to your customers, the professionals at Apeak Solutions can help. Contact us at 603-658-0989 or get in touch online through our convenient contact form to claim your free initial consultation. Our team specializes in a wide variety of marketing automation tools, communications platforms, artificial intelligence, analytics and more.