One of the major complaints from business leaders is around the cost of investing in a marketing technology stack — and the lack of utilization of these expensive tools. MarTech is often defined as a series of software solutions that allow organizations to communicate actively and effectively with specific audiences, driving sales and automating many everyday marketing tasks.

The marketing technology landscape is littered with over 7,000 software solutions loosely grouped into the verticals of Advertising & Promotion, Content & Experience, Social & Relationships, Commerce & Sales, Data and Management. With the vast number of components available that perform many of the same options, how is a befuddled marketer to figure out how they should move forward with decisions around software, much less obtain full utilization of these pricey solutions?

It’s not surprising that even companies that are in the process of onboarding MarTech solutions often struggle to utilize all of the finely-crafted tools that are now available for their marketing team. Staff often flounder once implementation teams complete their initial setup, leaving companies with bloated or unmanageable processes and little innate knowledge of ever-changing, cloud-based software. Is it any wonder that less than 10% of marketers feel that they are getting the full value from their MarTech platforms.

Cohesive Integrations are Vital to Success

You’ve got a CRM. (Check). You’ve implemented your marketing automation solution of choice. (Check). Perhaps you’ve even added a customer engagement platform to your MarTech stack. However, have you managed to pull these disparate solutions together to create a truly cohesive MarTech stack? If you’re still struggling with integrations between your website and your email marketing platform, then there’s a bit of work left to do before you can dig into the ways to truly automate your marketing.

Businesses are working towards a single source of truth for customer data. With each piece of MarTech software storing data in a slightly different manner or capturing various pieces of information, it can be a major challenge to marry this information together to form a holistic view of your customer. As you’re working with implementation teams or standing up the software with the support of internal IT teams, it’s vital that you create the expectation that all systems will be fully integrated. 

Finding the Full Potential of Your MarTech Systems

Many vendors offer an upfront training option either before or during the implementation of a particular software solution, but this training is quickly misplaced in the minds of busy marketers with more immediate needs.

Once the dust settles and the software is fully implemented and ready to be used, it’s only the high-points or the day-to-day tasks that are recalled or researched. For instance, teams certainly need to know the specific steps required to send an email within a marketing automation platform. What they may not immediately need (or even remember that this functionality is available!) is that their uber-powerful marketing automation platform can also send drip emails to visitors of a certain webpage. This advanced use-case is one that can have a dramatic impact on lead generation. Plus, email marketing is shown to have an ROI of $42 for every dollar investment — making this an exceptionally lucrative opportunity if you get it right. 

Which Buttons Do I Push?

Getting this training once your vendor has completed their contract can be expensive and difficult to schedule, which is why many organizations are turning to outsourced marketing solutions to help support their marketing activities. These subject matter experts not only have the marketing chops to see the strategies that could be implemented but also have access to certified solutions experts to help staff understand which buttons to push to perform specific activities. Whether you’re training your teams to utilize advanced functionality or simply need an extra set of hands, the best way to gain the full value from your MarTech stack is often to create a long-term relationship with contractors who can act as an extension of your marketing team. This new trend continues to grow as the marketing technology landscape expands and the complexity of the tools increases.

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